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Rocklands Boot Camp

Bloc 11 wants to get you all STRONG for the season!


There is a chill in the air, days are getting shorter, nights longer and this can only mean one thing; Connies!!! Yes, we are psyched for cold winter days in paradise, climbing rocks till our fingertips bleed and hanging out with like minded crazy climbers.


Season approaching means one thing though, it's about time we all get into shape! Rocklands Bootcamp will be starting on the 8th of May, with the goal to get us all to SEND OUR PROJECTS!!

The Juicy bits!
Everything you need to know

Here's how this is going to work:

  • The competition will run for 4 weeks! Starting on the 8th of May and ending on the 4th of June. Each week we will put up a leaderboard, so you can see who you need to beat.

  • Every boulder at both branches will be given the same score (10 points)

  • PLEASE NOTE: You may not repeat boulders and log them repeatedly within the week. You may however repeat a boulder for the following week's score. This works on an honesty system. Please guys, don't be cheating the system. 

  • Each session, you will climb as much as you possibly can and log how many boulders you have climbed (There will be scorecard links up at the gyms, and you can find it at the top of this page

  • There will be two categories. Beginner (Climbers who can climb white - black boulders) and Advanced (climbers who can climb from pink uopwards)

  • PLEASE NOTE: Advanced climbers may climb White - Blue boulders and will receive a score for these. Beginner Climbers can log a score for Pink / Purple boulders but we do reserve the right to bump you up into the advanced category if you are crushing too hard. 

  • There will be some sneaky extra points for those attending Bloc 11 events (Movie night, Beer Blocs hint hint.....), attending both venues in a single week and attending studio classes! (50 extra points!!!)


There are some great Rocklands prizes up for grabs!!!

  • 2 Nights camping for two people at Rocklands BaseCamp

  • 2 Nights camping for two people at de Pakhuys

  • R500 Hen house voucher!


De Pakhuys

Nestled in the picturesque Agter-Pakhuis Valley, Cederberg, 26 km from Clanwilliam on route to the historic Wuperthal village, you will find de Pakhuys Farm. The farm is widely regarded as one of the top bouldering destinations world wide. We offer self-catering chalets and camping in a magnificent Cederberg setting.


Rocklands Basecamp

Rocklands basecamp is a small climbers camp site at the bottom of depakhuis valley ,  perfect place to meet people and plan  your next bouldering adventure

Alpha logo_edited.jpg

Alpha Excelsior

Alpha Excelsior is the perfect place to use as a base to explore the wonders of the Northern Cederberg. There is easy access to several hiking trails; various rock art sites and world-famous bouldering; as well as wine and olive oil tasting at the Rugged Rocks winery on the farm. 

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