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What is the Summer League?

Summer League is a four round bouldering competition hosted at Bloc 11! 


Each week we will set a series of 12 NEW green boulders, you climb them, submit your scores and WIN some awesome prizes!

When and Where?

Round 1 - 8 February at Bloc 11 Paarden Eiland

Round 2 - 15 February at Bloc 11 Paarden Eiland

Round 3 - 22 February at Bloc 11 Diep River

Round 4 - 29 February at Bloc 11 Diep River

How does the scoring work?

There will be 12 boulders for each round and numbered throughout the gym. They will be in increasing difficulty. For each boulder there will be two zone holds marked with tape. The first zone will be worth 20 points, the second zone will be worth 40 points. If you flash the boulder (climb it on your first try) you will get 70 points and 60 points of you complete the boulder in any number of attempts. 

You will need to submit your scorecard by midnight of the night of the competition for your score to count

The best 3 of 4 rounds will be counted in the final ranking!

There will be 3 categories: 

  • Kooks - Climbing for under a year / up to blue in Bloc 11

  • Weekend Warriors - Climbing for longer than a year / up to black or pinks consistently in Bloc 11

  • Fanatics - Climbing from purple and above consistently in Bloc 11


We have some amazing prizes up for grabs from our awesome sponsors!

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