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Where is it?

Bloc 11 Diep River

When is it?

Round 1: 6 April

Round 2: 13 April

Round 3: 20 April

Round 4: 4 May 

What does it cost?

Normal day pass & membership rates apply!!

How does the competition work?

Come through to Bloc 11 Diep River, anytime from 4pm. Climb the 12 green boulders spread out and numbered around the gym. Enter your score at the end of the round!


The best 3 of 4 scores will count in the final ranking! There will be prizes up for grabs!


Your score will only count if you climb on the day of the event, and enter your score before the end of the evening!

Is the Ballie league only for Ballies?

NO! EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to enter the Ballie League. This league is tailored towards ALL climbers, young and old, experienced and inexperienced!


So why is it called Ballie League?


So, this is the fun part……

A handicap point system ensures that Ballies (people who are compromised by age and family commitments) have a head-start:


    +1 points for every year above the age of 40

    -2 points for every year below the age of 40

    +20 points for having a kid (only one kid counts)

    -1 point for every year of the youngest kid


See you there!

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